Collaborating with Marques General Engineering

At MGE, our commitment is to consistently provide top-tier results throughout every project. From the initial interaction to the final project wrap-up, clients can anticipate transparent communication, unparalleled technical proficiency, and outstanding professional outcomes.

With an impressive track record of over 2,500 successful projects spanning both the private and public sectors, MGE places great importance on delivering comprehensive services for each undertaking. We have a dedicated and experienced team that makes sure every project reaches its successful conclusion.

Services Offered

  • Existing condition analysis: Assessing current construction site conditions to strategize for project success.
  • Engineering Assessment: Rigorous examination of space conditions, including electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems, to identify and address potential issues.
  • Site inspections: Maintaining site security and suitability while aligning with building needs and guidelines.
  • Design development: Offering schematic designs to visualize the project’s final form.
  • Value engineering: Identifying system modifications for cost-effective, quality-centric delivery.
  • Material procurement: Creating comprehensive lists of necessary materials and equipment, sourcing premium suppliers.
  • Preliminary budget determination: Accurate evaluations for estimated construction costs to assist in securing finances.
  • Construction scheduling: Establishing achievable timelines and milestones while preemptively addressing potential hurdles.
  • Permit assistance: Streamlining the approval process by managing permits and regulatory requirements.
  • Safety planning and risk analysis: Identifying and minimizing construction-related risks through robust safety protocols and plans.


Partnering with MGE means leveraging our expertise and meticulous attention to detail at every project phase for a smooth and successful construction journey.


In every project, the cornerstone of success is a robust foundation. MGE’s pre-construction team is dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of essential services, assisting clients in the creation of financially sound and operationally feasible projects.

Civil Construction Services

MGE provides an extensive array of heavy civil construction solutions, all centered on the development of essential infrastructure. Our civil construction services are backed by a dedicated team, featuring our seasoned professionals, and when necessary, specialized subcontractors and suppliers with whom we have established successful partnerships, enabling us to deliver all-encompassing ‘turnkey’ solutions for our valued clients.

We take pride in our experience and accomplishments in the realm of civil construction, spanning from expansive master-planned communities to compact commercial ventures, from road construction to small bridge rehabilitation, and from pipelines to treatment facilities. Our team works hand-in-hand with our collaborators, from the initial concept through to project completion, to consistently produce successful projects.

Our expertise extends across various areas:

  • Demolition: methodical dismantling and removal of structures, to approve proper disposal before grading.
  • Land Clearing: thorough removal of existing vegetation to prepare construction sites by clearing bushes, stumps, or trees prior to grading.
  • Earthwork: precise excavation, placement, and compaction of essential materials for building earth structures. Services include pad grading, mass grading, and finish site grading.
  • Site Concrete: on-site manipulation, molding, and curing of building materials, aiding in curb & gutter, driveways, flatwork, and sidewalk construction.
  • Structural Concrete: leveraging concrete’s structural properties to support design loads, encompassing the construction of inlet/outlet structures, retaining walls, drainage structures, and specialty sewers.
  • Asphalt Paving: comprehensive services covering construction, repair, maintenance, and replacement of asphalt, including removal, paving, and milling.
  • Underground Utility Service: expert installation of below-ground lines such as storm drains, water transmission pipelines, sewers, and fire water mains.
  • Specialty Services: tailored solutions encompass detention basins, lift stations, bridges, retention structures, water tanks, booster pump stations, and arch culverts. 


At MGE, our commitment lies in delivering superior quality and verifying the fulfillmen