Safety at Marques General Engineering

MGE places safety at the forefront of our values. We firmly believe that accidents can be avoided through proactive measures. Safety is not an afterthought at MGE; it’s a paramount concern. We genuinely care about our employees, recognizing that their contributions are integral to our success and our aspiration to be the premier heavy civil construction company in California.

Our company’s approach to safety revolves around a comprehensive and proactive strategy. We empower our employees to prioritize their safety and that of their colleagues.

At MGE, our goal is to complete each project without harm to our employees, property damage, or adverse environmental impact. This commitment to safety is a recurring practice that we uphold.

Safety is a Collective Priority

Collaboration is at the core of MGE’s values, and we are wholeheartedly dedicated to the safety of every team member. We provide essential safety information and training to every individual, from our newest field team member to our President.


Safety in Day-to-Day Operations

MGE integrates safety into our day-to-day operations. We conduct regular tailgate meetings and consistent peer-to-peer safety assessments, involving every team member in our mission to create a safe and secure work environment.


Empowering Safety Measures

We enforce a policy that underscores stop-work authority as the responsibility of every team member. We trust and empower our team to address safety concerns promptly. We firmly believe that anyone who has safety-related concerns should communicate freely. We advocate for taking a pause to ensure that everyone is aligned on safety procedures and techniques.